My family, the Davies’s, have been involved with tourism in Berrow and Brean for the past 65 years. Brean Down Caravan Park was purchased in June 1981 and has run as a family business ever since.

As a member of the BH & HPA (British Holiday & Home Parks Association), we are governed by their code of practice. So you can be assured you will be in safe and knowledgeable hands and can buy your holiday home in confidence.

A Brief History

In 1950, my great uncle Ron Davies, operated the café at Brean Down, serving day-trippers with trays of tea and biscuits which could be taken down onto the beach for a small deposit.
My grandparents used to spend every summer weekend helping out at the cafe whilst their children, my dad and auntie played on the beach. At that time, there were no caravan parks in Brean, just a few campers in their tents.
But by 1952, caravans were beginning to appear along the Brean Strip and Wilf, my grandad with this brother, invested in some land (an orchard) in Berrow and built from scratch Sandyglade Holiday Park, our flagship.
In fact they built their own caravans, selling one to make enough money to make more which were then put on to this land.
In the 1970s, my mum and dad took over the running of the parks and it was them that made Sandyglade one of the best caravan parks on the strip, with an indoor swimming pool, shop, arcade and clubhouse with live entertainment. At one stage, my parents ran seven parks in the local area.
We, the Davies family, have always “kept it in the family” with my auntie Sue and uncle David working on the park in key roles. My mum’s sister, Roma and her husband, again worked and lived on the park too. In fact, some of our present owners will remember Roma from working in the accounts department at Sandyglade, a role which she has passed on to me!

My parents passed Brean Down Caravan Park to me, Nicola Colls, their eldest daughter. I now run the park under the watchful guidance of mum. Hopefully, in the future it will be passed down to yet another generation of the Davies family.